Russian FM proposes expulsion of 35 US diplomats in sanctions tit-for-tat

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has proposed expelling 35 American diplomats in response to the recent sanctions imposed by Washington.

“Russia’s Foreign Ministry and their colleagues from other agencies have proposed that President Vladimir Putin proclaim 31 employees of the US Embassy in Moscow and four diplomats from the US Consulate service in St. Petersburg as persons ‘non-grata,’” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, as cited by news agencies.

The proposal also includes a ban on using a recreation facility and storage facility used by American diplomats in Moscow, according to Lavrov.
“We hope these proposals will be reviewed as quickly as possible,” he said.
At the same time, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, refuted a report by CNN that Russia will close a school for children of English-speaking diplomats.
Earlier in the morning, CNN said that the Russian authorities “ordered the closure of the Anglo-American School of Moscow” in retaliation for the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic staff from the US. The news channel cited an anonymous “US official briefed on the matter” as the source of the information.
The school “serves children of US, British and Canadian embassy personnel, to US and foreign nationals”, the report said.
“This is lies. Apparently the White House has gone completely mad and began to invent sanctions against their own children,” Zakhrarova wrote on her Facebook page.
She added, apparently addressing to journalist: “And don’t write that ‘Moscow has denied… or Moscow will not…’ Write it as it is: ‘CNN and other Western Media once again spread false information citing US officials.”

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