Transportation System

Transportation contributes to the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of any country .Specially for economic development of any region transportation plays vital role .Since every economic activity require transportation from production stage up to distribution . In general adequate transportation system of once country indicates its socio-economic development. Transportation has different roles such as regarding and social development
Route surveying- A branch of surveying involves the determination of relief and location of natural &artificial objects along a proposed route for a high way, rail road, canal, pipe line, power line or other utility. Route survey are made along a line or a narrow belt of the territory for the location &construction of linear project such as rail ways, high way, canals, tunnels, pipe lines, transmission lines, boundary lines etc.
Transportation contributes the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of any country. Since any commodity to product needs transportation both at production and distribution stage. At production stage transportation is required for carrying row materials. At the distribution stage it is required for carrying the product from production center to consumption area.

Advantage of transportation system
 Transportation is essential for the economic prosperity and general development of the country.
 Efficient transportation indicates advancement of the country.
 Transportation is essential for strategic movement in emergency and defense of the country and to achieve better law and order.

Development and importance
Human being has always reminded with a curious nature of invention. In earliest the human being used traditional transportation system. But later through time & change of technology, modern modes of route system like high way route, air way route& railway route are developed. Consequently, route is the basic background for any means of transportation system layout. Besides, it contributes a no. of importance to the economic, social, industrial& cultural development of the country.
Some of their importance’s are:-
o To develop economic activity through the route proposed by means of transportation.
o To develop interrelation among countries.
o To improve route net work.
o To connect one place to another.
o Provide a way for transportation.

Modes of transportation
Based on the medium they used modes of transportation classified as by land, water and air. Land has given the scope for the development of road and rail transports. Air and water have developed airways and water ways respectively.
When we are referring to roads or highways does not only include modern highway system but also City Street, feeder roads and village’s roads giving service for wide range of road vehicles and the pedestrians. Railways transport has developed for long distance travel to and from cities and also urban travel. Water ways include ocean, rivers, lakes for movement of ships and boats. Helicopter and aircraft uses airways

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