Shiro Meda Market

Addis Ababa: This market is a good place to shop even if you are short on time. It is definitely possible to get a taxi to drive you here and leave within 10 minutes laden with merchandise. In contrast this would not be possible if you tried this at the more frenetic Merkato. Tourists are a minority at this market.

There is a wide variety of beautiful fabrics, shawls, scarves, dresses, tops and jewelry with lots of choice and really good for gift ideas. However, arguably the bulk of the merchandise are targeted at women. There are a few tailor shops here as well where you could have items stitched for you if you have the time.

Don’t accept the first price quoted since it would definitely be aligned with your foreigner status. Stall owners will definitely budge to a certain degree on the prices but will still not drop them to levels that locals would be expected to pay. But these are still incredibly cheap and good value when you consider what you are getting.

TIP: If you are prepared to walk a little further into the market to the less accessible areas you will find more unusual items including mesobs (the Ethiopian woven basket for bread/injera that you place on a table).
source: Addisababaonline

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